Steps to Ownership Of RNR Tire Franchise

Steps to Ownership


Tell Us Your Story

Tell your story to JOHN ARMATAS, our Franchise Sales Director. You’ll like John. He’s a good listener. He’s been in franchising a lot of years. He’s even been where you are—checking out a franchise business.


Complete our LGA Form

Complete our LGA (Let’s Get Acquainted) form to get the franchise kit. Don’t worry. We’ll keep the information confidential and you’re under no obligation to proceed in the process. It tells us more about you and gives us an idea if you have the resources to be successful in this business. We want you to reach your financial and lifestyle goals.


Schedule Conference Call

Schedule an Informal Q & A Conference Call with our Executive Team. You’ll have an opportunity to ask your questions directly to RNR Founder and CEO, Larry Sutton. You won’t hear Larry say it, but he’s a bona fide legend in the industry. Be sure to ask him about his vision for the company. FAIR WARNING: You’ll want to be a part of that future.


Attend a Discovery Day

Attend a Discovery Day at our Home-Office in Tampa, Florida. You’ll meet our people—your support team, we’ll immerse you in our culture, share more details about the business, review the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document), visit a store, and frankly, overwhelm you with our professionalism and good nature.


Do Your Due Diligence

Do your due diligence by contacting a number of franchise owners to discuss the RNR business model and hear firsthand what it takes to be successful in this business.


Sign Your Franchise Agreement

Sign Your Franchise Agreement. Welcome and congratulations! You are now a proud owner of an RNR Tires Express and Custom Wheels franchise. Let’s schedule your training.

Steps to Ownership

Steps to Ownership