Not All Tire Franchise Opportunities are the Same

Logic dictates to most people searching for a franchise opportunity that there are advantages to be part of a larger chain that has a national footprint. But if you take a few minutes to think about the benefits that a smaller and more nimble franchise provides–you will begin to see the truth in the statement that “bigger is not necessarily better”. Franchise opportunities come in all sizes.

RNR is by no means a small franchise. We have over 125 stores open today and over 250 territories sold. Our franchisees are a happy group and will be happy to share their experiences with RNR.

Taking on Tire Franchise Opportunities

Most people who are thinking about starting a business should seriously consider the benefits of owning a franchise and being part of a business model that has proven itself to be successful in multiple markets. Of course your particular interests and talents need to be well suited to the franchise you eventually choose. Not all franchises are created equal.

So let’s begin by asking a few simple questions:

  1. Why are you thinking about buying a franchise or business?
  2. Are you looking to replace your existing salary/income?
  3. Will I enjoy selling and interacting with customers/clients?
  4. Is your goal to replace your job?

Recognize from this moment forward that if your goal is to replace a existing job or replace your current salary/income from day 1– franchising may not be for you. In addition–almost ALL franchises require some for of selling or interacting with clients/customers. You can’t build a business without customers and to acquire them–you need to sell.

RNR Tire Express is a classic example of a retail franchise that provides a service and product that requires hour to hour interaction with existing customers and future customers. A prospect walks into your RNR Tire Express location and is in the market to purchase a product from you. There are so many options available to the customer–that it takes a skilled people person with talent to navigate all the options and get the sale. Once the sale takes place–it takes a skilled technician to install the product on the customer’s vehicle. If the product is sold as part of our lease-to-own portfolio–it now takes a skilled account manager/owner to continue to interact with the customer during the term of the agreement.

Sales background is important.

What Skills Do I Need To Own a Franchise?

When you first open your doors as a new owner operator in our RNR Tire Express Franchise system you will need to wear a lot of hats. Even though the franchisor has created lots of systems and has outlined those systems in the Franchise Disclosure Agreement (FDD) you are still responsible for the operation of your franchise location. It is often said that franchising is being in business for yourself but not by yourself. You are purchasing a system–but as a new franchisee you will still posses a lot of entrepreneurial traits–without all the headaches of figuring out the systems. If you can put a checkmark by most of these items–you are probably a good fit for most franchise systems — but specifically for RNR.

  1.  I can manage a lot of tasks on my daily to do list.
  2. I enjoy training and have a passion for developing a team of dedicated staff.
  3. I listen to suggestions but I once I have made a decision I am quick about taking action
  4. I am decisive.
  5. I don’t like to get stuck in the weeks but would rather keep focused at the bigger picture.
  6. I like to manage risk but I am comfortable taking risk when needed.
  7. I understand an investment of my time and resources today will pay big dividends in the future.

Larry Sutton: Founder. CEO. Entrepreneur.

Larry Sutton is the poster child for anyone who considers themselves an entrepreneur. Larry has been on the journey of building companies and systems for most of his career. The fact that RNR Tire Express has grown so significantly over the past few years is not surprising–but what is surprising is the fact that much of the growth has been organic. Organic growth can only happen when happy franchisees are wanting to continue to grow and build and buy new territory from the franchisor. Larry and his crew have 100% validation from a growing system–and that is not easy to in today’s franchise landscape.

Larry Sutton is often referred to as the Reverend of RTO. His standing in the industry and the respect that fellow businessmen have for him and his model has been the #1 reason for the RNR growth story.

Big O Franchise

Like Big O Tires — RNR Tire Express sells retail tires and rims but that is where the comparison ends. RNR is in the tire sector but the largest part of their business is built around providing customers in-house financing options for the tires and wheels that the consumer wants and needs. No one walks away from RNR due to a bad credit history or price. RNR is a tire dealer that provides full service but provides customers with payment options.

Franchisees benefit from having both the best of other tire franchise USA concepts with the in-house payment options that increases the margins significantly for franchise owners.

As you investigate the benefits of being being a business owner and want to be part of a franchise system–there are not many franchise opportunities that are a better fit for an entrepreneur who wants to be part of the retail tires sector.

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