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Training The RNR Way

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Our philosophy on training is uncommonly simple—you won’t open until you’re ready. In fact, we’ll have you and your team so well trained that you’ll be revved up and burning rubber at the start line before we give you the green light. When you visit with our franchise owners during your investigation process—you’ll like our owners because they’re happy, they’re making money and they’d do it all over again—be sure to ask them about their training and the positive impact it’s had on their success and happiness in the business.

Complete Our LGA Form and we’ll give you the specifics of our online and on-site RNR UNIVERSITY training program. Rest assured, you’ll be an expert on all facets of the business including:

  • Product Knowledge
  • Shop Training
  • RNR Sales System
  • Sales Experience
  • Account Management
  • Introduction To Rent-To-Own
  • POS System Training
  • Rental Processing
  • Creating Customers for Life
  • Managing Your Team for Mutual Success
  • Prospering with a Work/Life Balance