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Rapidly Growing Franchise in an over $40 Billion Industry

With nearly 200 locations, RNR Tire Express is a leading retailer and installer of safe, quality tires, custom wheels, and related services such as flat repair and alignments.

Strong Unit-Level Economics

$3.17 million in sales and $747K in operating income yields a 23.6% net profit in the top twenty stores – a greater ROI than the average QSR.

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Leadership in an over $40 Billion Industry with A Unique Business Model

Our unique lease-purchase model directly serves a vast consumer niche who may not have the credit or cash available to purchase tires.

Join A Value-Driven Team!

RNR Tire Express holds 3 core values close to heart: Culture, Customer and Community. Through our daily operations, we’re embodying a corporate ethos that prioritizes nurturing a thriving internal culture, delivering exceptional customer experiences and making meaningful contributions to the communities we serve.

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