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Patrina Leland

Jeff and Patrina Leland

What makes RNR Tire Express unique?

There are many tire stores around our first location: six in less than two miles. However, we are the only ones who offer lease-purchase payment options. Additionally, we’re one of the only tire stores also doing wheels, which has definitely helped us stand out. Lastly, we are family-owned and live locally, which our customers recognize and appreciate.

I came across a few different tire franchise opportunities and visited several websites. Lease-purchase was a key differentiator for me. I found the retail tires industry attractive because it was recession proof and it looked like it had the potential for greater income.

David Harrison

David Harrison

I was raised by a single mom who took in sewing jobs at night to make ends meet. For someone like me to have gotten where I am in life speaks volumes about the RNR Tire Express business model, and it speaks volumes about the company itself.

I operate 28 locations today. I’m a partner in five others, so I have a total of 33 units so far. I opened my first store in 2005.

Larry Carrico

Larry Carrico

As a veteran of the lease-purchase industry, I decided to add tires to my portfolio in 2006, leveraging the already positive relationships I had with our existing customers.

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