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April 17, 2024

CAREER-VIEW MIRROR – biographies of colleagues in the automotive and mobility industries.


In this episode we are celebrating the career to date of Larry Sutton.

Larry is the founder and CEO of RNR Tire Express. Larry established RNR Tire Express in 2000 in Tampa, FL as a company that gives consumers access to quality, name-brand tires regardless of budget or financial circumstance. It’s since grown to over 190 locations in nearly 30 states with many more stores planned.

Larry’s been interested in sales since high school, when he sold inventory from his uncle’s TV and appliance business to his teachers.

After a short stint in college, and a short-lived path down business ownership, he was introduced to the rent-to-own industry.

In our conversation we talk about how he didn’t really have an appetite for school but had a work ethic and discovered that sales was a route to make money for a car and to help his mother. Larry admits that the first time he had his own business to run he didn’t have the business acumen to make it succeed, and he explains how he then got a job and learned how to help the dealers he was selling to run their businesses. We discuss how he applied that learning when he got his next opportunity in business ownership. That allowed him and his partner to build up a chain of 30 stores which they eventually sold out to a larger group and Larry shares his experiences back as a corporate employee. Let’s just say, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone laugh so much about being fired before.

And of course we talk about building RNR Tire Express, how Larry came across the opportunity somewhat by chance and how he was able to bring his experience of Rent to Own in consumer appliances to the tire and custom wheel business. He explains why he didn’t set out to become a franchisor and how he and his team have set about creating a common culture across almost 200 locations as a purpose driven organisation.

I loved this conversation with Larry and I am delighted to have this opportunity to share his life and career story. I look forward to hearing what resonates with you.

If you’re listening for the first time, hello, I’m Andy Follows. I’m a trusted advisor to senior leaders in the automotive industry. I work alongside them and their teams to enable Fulfilling Performance. If you’d like to know more about Fulfilling Performance, you can sign up for our weekly newsletter. In it you will find easily digestible ideas on how to increase levels of performance and fulfilment for yourself and those you lead and care about.


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