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June 21, 2013

RNR Custom Wheels and Tire Express Donates New Tires and Wheels for Father’s Day

RNR Custom Wheels and Tire Express joined with Bubba the Love Sponge and Cox Radio to make one dad’s Father’s Day unforgettable. They designed a contest and interested parties were asked to go online, fill out a form, and tell the station why they thought their dad should get a $1000 gift card from RNR. The responses were many, but at the end of the day, RNR Founder and President, Larry Sutton, couldn’t get one of them off of his mind. Jake, Noah and Harrison Holsinger wrote a letter on their dad’s behalf describing their dad, Rich Holsinger of St. Petersburg, FL, as a great husband, an amazing father, a fixer, a builder, a community volunteer and coach, a guy who gives to people with no thought of reward. Said the boys, “He really shows us what a man is with everything he does.” Their father, they said, has held their family together through the death of another brother and the diagnosis of two of the sons with Type 1 diabetes. The three boys collaborated on the letter and described, finally, how much their dad loves his truck, a gold 2005 Chevy Silverado. According to the boys, “Every weekend, he has a new project to make his truck better.” They said it would mean a lot to their dad to get new rims for his truck.

The boys somehow managed to get their letter written and into the station without their dad suspecting a thing. “I didn’t know they sent the letter. One day they just said, ‘Dad, you need to cool your truck up.’ I told them what I needed was new tires, and I guess they took the hint and ran with it,” said Rich Holsinger. “Now, I’m the cool guy in town.”

“When I read this letter, I said there is no way in the world I’m going to have this guy spend any money to get rims,” said Larry Sutton. “I want to meet this guy,” continued Sutton. “I want to be this guy!” So, Larry sweetened the deal to make this Father’s Day truly special for Mr. Holsinger. RNR, in conjunction with Tuff Wheels and Falken Tires, is outfitting Mr. Holsinger’s truck with a complete set of Tuff Offroad Wheels and Falken Wildpeak Tires (an estimated retail value of $2500). “Being a father and an example to your kids is the best thing you can do, and I respect that…so we’re going to hook this guy up,” stated Sutton.

Before Mr. Sutton’s radio announcement of the winner was over, another unexpected gift came through as well. The owner of a local diabetic supply company called the station and donated a year’s worth of free diabetic supplies to the family.

Rich is thrilled with the new wheels and tires and the much-needed supplies, but what he’s really happy about are his kids. “I’m a lucky guy to have such thoughtful and sweet, but still strong and independent, sons.” According to Larry Sutton, RNR was thrilled to participate in this contest to celebrate dads, and they hope to do it again next year.

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