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September 16, 2021

5 Reasons Why Franchising Experts Pick RNR Tire Express as the Next Big Brand

franchising experts pick RNR Tire Express as the next big brand

RNR Tire Express continues to top lists of America’s best franchises, and for good reason. With a proof of concept, profitable franchise model, and unique customer niche and value proposition, RNR has carved out a defensible niche in the tire and custom wheel space. According to franchising experts, opening an RNR Tire Express franchise is one of the smartest financial moves an entrepreneur can make. Here’s why. 

1. Proof of Concept

Industry experts have recognized RNR Tire Express’ storied history of success, which stems from a clever, airtight business model. Over the past 20 years, the franchise has opened over 150 locations across 26 states. RNR Tire Express  franchisees flourish thanks to the guidance of the brand’s leadership and franchisee support team, who have a combined experience of over 100 years in the industry. Members of the RNR Tire Express family benefit from a wealth of advice, category knowledge, and expertise.

2. A Profitable Franchise Model

Any franchise that tops Entrepreneur magazine’s Best of the Best Franchises List has to be profitable, and RNR is no exception. RNR Tire Express is a high-volume business with average sales of $1.75M* with cost of goods sold of only 36%*. The average store had an operating income of 16.7% of sales*. In comparison, many other retail stores operate with a cost of goods sold of 50%. Thanks to RNR’s combination of outstanding quality, friendly service, and clever financials, franchisees from across the country have seen incredible returns on their investments. 

3. Built to Scale

When franchising experts analyze opportunities, they pay attention to the engagement of current franchisees. RNR Tire Express excels in this area. Once franchisees launch their own RNR Tire Express location, they’re thrilled with the results. Over 80% of RNR Tire Express franchisees are multi-unit operators. Today, just shy of 40 franchisees own over 150 locations – and they keep opening more. The greatest measure of a franchisor’s financial performance is when existing franchisees keep investing in more territories, and RNR Tire Express is proud to provide a model geared for expansion.

4. Unique in the Industry

Today, there are more cars on the road than at any other time in history; according to research from the Hedges Company, Americans registered over 286 million vehicles in 2020. While there is massive opportunity in this industry, few automotive chains have created a specific niche for themselves, meaning that they blend in with others in the space.

RNR Tire Express has specialized by catering to an underserved market of lower-middle to middle-class individuals who are affluent enough to own a car, but still may not have access to credit cards or financing. With its lease-purchase program, this customer base can purchase tires and custom wheels over time with a payment they can afford. More than 80% of RNR Tire Express’ customers take advantage of this program, which few other tire chains offer. By serving the underserved, RNR Tire Express has created a unique offering in a competitive industry.

5. Defensible

Franchise experts have recognized the impact of big players, like Amazon, launching new ventures within various categories. The tire and wheel industry remains defensible against corporate involvement. Due to safety concerns, customers want new tires to be professionally installed and balanced. They also require front-end alignment to ensure that their tires wear evenly. Additionally, old tires need to be discarded safely and responsibly. These factors insulate RNR Tire Express’ franchisees from disruption by online retailers.

Franchising Experts Agree: RNR Tire Express is the Next Big Brand

Since its founding in 2000, RNR Tire Express has proven itself to be a solid investment for franchisees nationwide. This demonstrated track record of success has drawn the attention of Entrepreneur magazine and other franchising experts. To learn more about RNR’s profitability, unique lease-purchase model, and territories, download the franchise kit.

*See RNR Tire Express Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19 for more details.

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