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September 5, 2013

Free-Wheelin’ It? Not When You’re Looking for New Wheels

A while back someone wrote in asking me to explain the wheel “thing” to her.  She didn’t understand why her boyfriend wanted to spend money on such things, and I tried to explain the phenomenon to her using an analogy I thought she’d understand (she seemed like a shopper): shoes.  Think of wheels like shoes for your car.  After giving it a little thought, I wondered if maybe some people are curious about where they’d even start to shop for new wheels for their vehicle; I mean, if you wanted a new pair of shoes, you’d look for your size, shoes appropriate for the weather and occasion, etc.  So what do you need to know to pick out a new set of wheels?

  1. Now, you wouldn’t go into a shoe store without knowing your size would you?  Yes, you might actually, and that’s okay because they can measure your feet and help you out.  If you know all of your specs (year, make, model and tire size) before you walk in the door, that’s great!  If you don’t, RNR can help—not to fret!
  2. What kind of wheel are you looking for? Do you want to turn heads when you drive down the street or are you looking for a classy but understated step up from your original, factory wheel?  Want to add some color and sparkle?  Do you want something bigger and/or wider than your original rim or are you sticking with the same size?  Just what do you want the look of your vehicle to be with these new wheels?
  3. What material are you looking for?  Do you want shiny chrome (aluminum) or gold chrome (aluminum)?  Do you want black or another color of aluminum or are you looking at steel, which is stronger but not usually as flashy as some aluminum wheels? Each kind has its own issues—some will need more polishing, some will chip more easily than others.  I suggest you choose your look, then start asking questions and doing your research.  If you’re not someone who wants to deal with a lot of maintenance, then you should know what it’s going to take to keep your beautiful new wheels looking beautiful.  If the wheels you wanted are more work than you’re interested in, then rethink your look or ask about alternatives.  Also, think about where you’ll be driving—out a long country road or suburban streets?  The places you go affect the condition of your wheels long term and the time and money involved in maintaining them.  Our guys at RNR know their wheels, and they can answer all of these questions.
  4. Know your bolt pattern.  I can almost hear you saying, “What?”  Your bolt pattern is the number of wheel studs you have and how far apart they are.  If you’re trying to buy online or maybe from a catalog, you’ve got to know this; if you come into RNR, we’ve got you covered.

These are your basic factors involved.  From here, it just comes down to personal taste.   If you’re a first-time buyer, we suggest you ask for help.  Come in and talk to us about your choices, make sure you’ve got all of the info you need so you get exactly what you want.  If you need to, we’ll set you up with a rental plan for your wheels, too.  We make buying wheels as easy and painless as possible at RNR.

Got more questions?   Drop me a line on our Facebook page or call or visit any of our stores!




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