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December 12, 2013

Gift Intervention—RNR to the Rescue!

I was reading the letter from Needy in last week’s blog, and I was totally inspired!  What a great idea!  So, here’s my plan:  In the guise of keeping my husband’s truck for the day so I can get the oil changed (he’ll think I’m so helpful!), I’ll be bringing it into RNR for a new set of wheels.  I know he’s been dying to spruce it up a bit, and he’s been shopping online for wheels, so this will make the perfect Christmas surprise!  Thanks, Bree and Mr. Needy!  He’s going to be soooo excited!

Over the Moon in Ocala


Dear Over the Moon,

Whoa there, little cowgirl!  Stop!  Wait!  You can’t just take a man’s truck, drive it into your nearest RNR and willy-nilly pick out some new wheels!  Are you trying to make the top of your husband’s head pop right off?!

Imagine that your husband wanted to surprise you by finally painting the living room (like you’ve been begging him to do for months), but instead of asking you what color you want it painted (because that would give away the surprise), he decides to turn to your wardrobe in search of your favorite color.  Seeing that you have a penchant for tie-dye tank tops, he decides to design his own cool swirl design for the living room walls in a multitude of beautiful colors.  What do you think your reaction to his act of kindness will be?  I can almost see the look on your face right now; so imagine that look on your husband.

Wheels are a very personal choice.  They reflect the taste and personality of the driver, and just because you think green wheels would be a fun accent on his black truck, doesn’t mean that he will.  Maybe he’s going for a more sleek look, or maybe he’s thinking a shiny chrome would really pop and give his truck the look he’s been searching for.  Have you been paying attention while he’s researching on the internet?  Do you know what kind of look he’s going for?

And beyond just the look of things, what kind of material is he thinking about?  If you want the short and dirty on the two main types of wheels (alloy or steel), check out this blog.  Is your husband using this truck to work or is he thinking of new wheels purely for cosmetic reasons.  You need to know this stuff.

I’m going to suggest to you the same thing I suggested to Mr. Needy.  Make your own little gift certificate up on the computer, print it out and wrap it up.  You can go with him to pick out his new wheels and learn a little more about the whole process.  While we could easily tell you what size wheel he most likely needs (and who knows, he may be looking to change that too), we can’t predict his taste, so taking him into one of our stores is a must (if you want to stay married).  We like our customers to leave us happy and excited about their new wheels, not crouching down in the seat so no one sees them.  We want to do the best for you, so do us all a favor and let him pick out his own wheels.  Those little handmade gift certificates have been working for school kids everywhere for years, so take a hint from kindergarten and create your own.  We’ll be here after Christmas with lots of new wheels for your husband to choose from, and when he drives off with his new wheels, we’re betting the only expression on his face will be one of joy.  Happy holidays!


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