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December 5, 2014

Going Bald?  Not with RNR!

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, and your tires are getting bald.  Yep, we said it.  We get it that you want to squeeze as many miles as possible out of your tires, but take our advice and don’t let those extra miles stand between you and your safety–especially this time of the year.  Nearly 40 million people hit the road over the Thanksgiving holiday this year, and we’d like for you to take note of the weather: a massive snowstorm in Buffalo and snow accumulations all over the East Coast.  Is this the kind of weather you want to drive through on bald tires?

According to the RMA (Rubber Manufacturer’s Association), nearly 12 percent of drivers in the U.S. drive on at least one bald tire.  Say what?  That’s a scary statistic!  In case you’re in the dark about why bald tires are so dangerous to drive on, we’ll tell you.  Bald tires seriously diminish your car’s ability to grip the road, and  they lengthen stopping distances.  Imagine all of these bald tires on the road during the busy holiday season when it rains or snows or there’s an ice storm.  The results would not be pretty.

The RMA surveyed more than 3400 drivers in the U.S. about the tread depth of their tires, and they found them lacking (again).  Maybe we should be happy that they numbers are about the same as when they surveyed drivers in 2012, but it’s hard to take joy in bald tires.  So, instead of putting on our Eeyore face and moping, we have some tips for you!  Take a peek and then go check your tires before you hit the highway this holiday season!

  1. Check your tire pressure. If you’re not sure what your tire pressure should be, consult the panel on the inside of the driver’s-side door of your vehicle or your owner’s manual.  Do not be fooled by the numbers on your tires!  The information on your tires will give you the MAXIMUM tire pressure, but that is not the pressure at which you want to run your tires–you want the recommended pressure.
  1. Give your tires the Abe Lincoln test. Get a penny and put it head down between the treads on your tires.  If you can see all of Abe’s head, you definitely need new tires!

Some things to remember when you’re packing the car up to go to grandma’s this year: Check the pressure on your spare tire and make sure it’s in good shape and don’t over load the car.  Every vehicle has a maximum combined weight of passengers and cargo; it’s called a payload.  When you exceed your payload, your tires, shocks and leaf springs, as well as the general handling of your car, will be affected negatively–and even 100 extra pounds of weight can reduce your gas mileage by 2%.

If you find yourself in that 12 percent of  Americans rolling around on bald tires, come see us before you make tracks this holiday season.  There’s no good reason to put your safety, or the safety of your family and fellow travelers, in jeopardy.  Tires are an expense that we can help you deal with.  RNR can set you up on a payment plan that will fit your budget, and get you back on the road in time to finish your Christmas shopping.:)  Feel free to check out our website www.rnrwheels.com and take a look at some tires, if you’d like, before you come in.  You’ll be able to find the RNR location nearest you, and search for the perfect tires for your car or truck by typing in some simple info about your vehicle.  See you soon!

Stay safe!


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