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December 15, 2021

How RNR Tire Express Stands out a Franchise Investment Opportunity

With all the business prospects currently available in the market, you may be asking, “Why RNR Tire Express?” or “Why get into the tires and automotive aftermarket industry?”  Americans spend nearly $250 billion on tires and auto services alone, with about $38B of that coming from replacement tire sales, almost 20% of the auto service expenditure.  There are more cars on the road in the United States right now than any other time in American history.

Aside from being a consumer retailer of choice, RNR Tire Express is also ranked #1 franchise opportunity by Entrepreneur Magazine for tire retailers for several years.

A tire retail store with a clear point of difference

RNR Tires Express offers customers in-house lease-purchase finance options, like the lease-purchase option for automobiles dealerships offer.  More than 80% of our customers choose our unique lease-purchase option which few competitors offer.  Our sweet spot customer is affluent enough to own a vehicle but may not have access to other forms of credit.  Our lease-purchase financing option sets us apart from our competition and is widely rewarded by this underserved market across the United States.

10 Reasons Why Smart Franchise Investors Consider RNR Tire Express

  1. Strong unit-level economics. RNR Tire Express is a high-volume business with a average sales of $1.75M*, Cost of Goods of 36%* and an operating income of 16.7% of sales* (*see Item 19 in the Franchise Disclosure Document for more details)
  2. Large, fragmented $41B industry. With over 150 locations nationwide, RNR Tire Express is already one of the largest and fastest growing chains in the country. RNR Tire Express expanded 50% over the last 5 years.
  3. Underserved market. RNR Tire Express franchisees serve a demographic who may not have access to credit cards or other sources of financing.
  4. Scalability. Although RNR Tire Express expanded 50% over the last 5 years. Over 80% of franchisees have multiple units and continue to expand.
  5. Sustainability. With over 150 locations and a 20-year track record, we have proof of concept and have proven ourselves over the long haul. 
  6. Growth. RNR Tire Express franchisees opened over 50 new locations in the last 4 years. 
  7. Trusted brand. We are perennially ranked the No. 1 franchise in our category by Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 ranking.
  8. No automotive experience necessary. We have a track record of success helping smart entrepreneurs learn this business and grow.
  9. High barriers to competitive entry. Because customers want new tires to be professionally installed and old tires must be responsibly discarded, this prohibits online retailers like Amazon from establishing a presence.
  10. Experienced leadership. RNR Tire Express leadership have over 100 years of collective experience in this business, and franchisees benefit from their industry expertise.

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