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July 23, 2014

Keeping it Real with RNR

We have some goals at RNR:

1.  To offer quality products at a fair price.

2.  To help people get the wheels and tires they need by making them affordable and offering payment options to our customers.

3.  To do excellent work and make our customers happy that they chose to work with us.

4.  To do our job in a timely manner.

5.  To treat our customers the way we want to be treated.

So, when we meet someone else in the automotive industry with the same goals and the skill, talent and determination to make it happen, we want to give them (and you!) a hand up and a shout out.

Let us introduce our friend, Ryan Lancaster, of Elite Paintless Dent Repair!  We all need someone occassionally to help us out with new tires, and we all need somone to help us out with dent repairs sometimes, too.  Can you really own a car or truck with getting a dent or ding from time to time?  Not really.  So, here’s a heads up to our friends in the Tampa Bay area; if you have a dent or ding that needs some help, our friend, Ryan, can help you out.

A bit about Ryan:  He grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, Ground Zero of paintless dent repair.  In case you didn’t know, St. Louis is the hometown of this process.  Ryan grew up knee-deep in the auto industry.  His dad owned an auto-body shop, his mom worked at a local Chevy dealership, and his uncle is a well-known and respected icon in the business of paintless dent repair.  Luckily for Ryan, his uncle introduced him to the art.  After years of practice, Ryan trained at an internationally known company in St. Louis and eventually became a Certified Master Technician.

Looking for a change of scenery, Ryan spent a few years in Memphis, Tennessee, and kept on working his trade and gaining experience with large car dealerships, services drives, and the Memphis Auto Auction.  After a few years, he transferred back to St. Louis, but he was itching to do something bigger.  He set his eyes on the Sunshine State (a place he’d always wanted to live), and eventually, he took off for Tampa.  In 2003, he launched his own business, Elite Paintless Dent Repair, and he never looked back.

Through hard work and great (and grateful) customers, he’s been fortunate to build a very reputable company.  And what’s better?  He’s been able to do this and stay green.  Elite Paintless Dent Repair is a green company.  Ryan doesn’t use harsh chemicals and he has no environmental impact on the earth–and he guaruntees factory-finish work!

Know what’s even better?  He can come to you.  Ryan is mobile, so you don’t have to haul yourself to the autobody shop, you can just make a phone call, sit back and wait.  He completes his work in minutes to hours, not days, so you’ll save time and money if you call him.  He wants his customers to be thrilled with their repairs, but he also wants them to be excited about their experience–and we can’t support that enough.

Like RNR, Ryan is committed to great work and great customer service, and we highly recommend him to our loyal customers.  So, there’s my shout out for the week!  Take my advice and keep his information handy.  You never know when you might need it!

Stay safe!




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