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November 22, 2013

RNR Celebrates Five and Ten Years of Valued Employees

Larry Sutton, Founder and President of RNR Custom Wheels and Tire Express, has been in business for a long time.  RNR opened 13 years ago, and before that, Larry operated another successful rent-to-own business.  Over time, Larry’s learned that great employees aren’t always easy to come by, but they are the key to success.  “No businessman can do this alone.  It’s like they say about raising children—it takes a village.  I’ve been very lucky at RNR to have some amazing people on my team.” With that gratitude in mind, RNR held a very special dinner recently at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Tampa to celebrate longtime employees.  After dinner, recognition awards were presented by Mr. Sutton to both 5 and 10-year RNR team members.  Speaking to the crowd of valued employees and their families, Sutton said, “Today it is an honor to recognize several team members that have been with RNR five and ten years. A company without great and loyal employees will never excel, but a company with great employees will never fail.  I am honored to be in the presence of all of these wonderful people!” Clearly, RNR knows a thing or two about what it takes to make their employees happy, and the scene at Maggiano’s was a perfect example.  The team members being honored that night were excited to be there, enjoying time with their families and friends and getting some well-deserved credit for jobs well done.


The team members honored at the dinner were:

Linda Petko

Vince Ficarrotta

Matthew King

Jason  Sexton

Adam Sutton

Brent Sutton

Andrew Grub

Ryan Schrader

Zalina Khan

Scott Hitchcock

Joe Johnson

Antonio Flores

Gregory Winfrey

Marco Morantes

Larry L. Bassitt

Jason Branning

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