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April 26, 2013

RNR Custom Wheels and Tire Express Opens New Location in Daytona, FL

RNR Custom Wheels and Tire Express has opened its 9th corporate location in Daytona, FL, at 955 West International Speedway Blvd., just up the street from the speedway itself.  Larry Sutton, Founder and President of RNR Custom Wheels and Performance Tires, is excited about RNR’s move into Daytona. “We are delighted to bring our concept to the Daytona market. For the past couple of years, we have had several inquiries online from the Daytona market wondering when we would open there.  When we finally found a suitable location, it just happened to be on one of the most famous streets in America, and we are just about a mile from the Daytona Speedway! This is the first new corporate store we have opened in a while; however, our plans are to open at least two a year for the next five years, if not more.”

While proximity to the Speedway is a bonus for RNR, it isn’t the only thing that makes this location special.  RNR found that, while the inside of the building needed very little improvement, they had to put their main focus on the outside of the building.

“This area of Daytona is called the Midtown Redevelopment Area,” explains Vince Ficarrotta, vice president of operations at RNR.  “The MRA Board has very specific standards so far as landscaping and the style of the building.  This is the largest outdoor-improvement project of a building that we’ve taken on, but the result is worth it.  The store looks great and we’re really happy with the outcome.”

The entire area has been getting a face-lift as a result of the redevelopment project and is seeing new life.  RNR knows that, in the end, this can only benefit their business, but they hope to play their own part in helping out.  “We hope to have a positive impact on the area, to offer our services and bring affordable tire options to our customers, and to employ local residents.  We think this store is a natural fit for the community and will be mutually beneficial to everyone involved,” says Ficarrotta.

RNR Customs Wheels and Tire Express opened its doors in Daytona on March 1st.

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