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February 24, 2022

RNR Tire Express on Creating a Positive Work Environment For Your Employees

Creating a work environment that is a positive experience for both your employees and your customers is a win-win for your business. Let’s review some steps from Larry Sutton, founder and CEO of RNR Tire Express and Tire Review contributor, on building a positive work environment that you can use in your tire dealership.

Sutton says one way to create a positive work environment is by thinking of your business as a reverse hierarchy. That means you, the owner, are a low man on the totem pole, and everyone else in your organization is above you. This ensures a situation where managers talk amongst themselves and other employees to find the answer to a problem. A lot of times, answers come from the people doing the work, not necessarily the person in charge.

It is also important to treat your employees as human beings rather than assets or investments — this could mean showing an interest in their lives outside of work. If an employee is going through hardship, ask how you can help. This can foster a relationship built on trust, which is something well-run tire stores should have.

To foster a good work environment, your store leaders should also be approachable. Leaders should be available at the store to answer any questions employees may have and should be visible in social environments. One way to achieve this is by having work parties because they build camaraderie, and it’s an opportunity for you to offer employees a good time, both of which create a positive work environment.

The last step to creating a positive work environment is treating everyone with respect. Oftentimes, when employees treat others, colleagues and customers how they want to be treated, it creates positive energy in the workplace. Being polite and respectful to others is the foundation for effective leadership methods.

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