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September 21, 2022

RNR Tire Express Recognized at 2022 RTO World Awards

Indianapolis, IN — RTO World 2022 just recently wrapped up its 5th annual National Tradeshow & Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. Cohosted by APRO and TRIB Group, the yearly event is meant to bring together some of the leading brands, innovators, and individuals within the rent-to-own space for the opportunity to reconnect with one another, collaborate, share in their successes, and learn from each other for the continued development of the sector.

The entirety of the weekend was filled with symposiums, guest speakers, panel discussions, and much more. However, perhaps the most significant moment of this year’s convention was the 2022 Hall of Honor Inductees ceremony, which saw RNR Tire Express recognized for its unparalleled operations and advancement of the rent-to-industry when it received two of the year’s most prestigious awards.

Tracy Cintron, the Franchise Director for RNR Tire Express, took home the APRO Steve Kruse Award in recognition of her extraordinary lifelong service and commitment to the RTO industry.

Candice Hill, an RNR Tire Express franchisee out of Springdale, Arkansas and the President of the Arkansas Rental Dealers Association, won State Association of the Year for her work to advance the industry within her home state.

Adam Sutton, President of RNR Tire Express, was named 2022s APRO Rental Dealer of the Year. Not only for his work to expand the boundaries of rent-to-own and aid in the growth of one of the nation’s leading tire and wheel franchise retailers, but for having served as a mentor and a “beacon” for emerging industry names and concepts over the years.

The sustained growth of the multi-billion-dollar rent-to-own industry is largely dependent on the progress of the brands that exist within it. Their work to introduce the niche sectors flexibility and cost-conscious nature to consumers nationwide is a key driver toward the prosperity of RTO as a whole. And with 170+ locations across 27 states, RNR Tire Express is a leader in that charge.

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