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April 26, 2017

RNR Tire Launches 3 New Digital Platforms

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RNR Tire Express & Custom Wheels (RNR) unveiled three powerful new digital platforms to ensure the continued success of its franchise owners. The recently launched platforms will provide users with interactive tools and resources designed to increase lead generation, store traffic and quote assessments.

The first addition to RNR’s new lineup is the no-hassle Resource Center. Designed with convenience in mind, the user-friendly tool offers franchise owners one-stop, total-solution for franchise owners to make real-time changes and dynamically tailor local marketing materials, preview options and order the materials directly through the center’s digital provider. In collaboration with RNR’s new Resource Center, franchise owners can now easily access the brand’s digital Training University. Equipped with tracking and notification options, the new training platform offers an interactive experience for new franchise owners and new hires to review course information, take quizzes, and access a step-by-step guide outlying the grand opening process – increasing employee engagement and success.

The third and final upgrade to RNR’s digital platforms comes in the form of a newly designed, highly-interactive website. Customers now have the option to virtually customize their vehicle’s display and by choosing the year, make and model, visitors have the option to browse through thousands of tires and wheels which are generated through the site’s virtual gallery. In addition, the mobile-friendly platform offers an intuitive option to ‘click-to-quote’, which instantly connect customers to a local representative.

“RNR is thrilled to unveil our new support platforms in conjunction with our new and improved website – all of which we are extremely proud of,” said Larry Sutton, founder and president of RNR Tire Express & Custom Wheels. “As RNR continues to grow, we continue to be committed to providing the essential guidance, support and innovative resources needed to ensure the success of each franchise location along with making our customer experience even better.”


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