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September 10, 2013

RNR’s Mid-Year Conference to be Held in Atlanta

RNR Custom Wheels and Tire Express will hold their annual Mid-Year Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, September 11th and 12th, at the Renaissance Concourse Hotel Atlanta Airport.  The Mid-Year Conference is designed to give franchisees and operators an opportunity to come together and discuss concerns, share ideas, meet with vendors, discuss the successes and challenges of this past year, and plan promotions for the 1st quarter of next year before the larger RNR Annual Conference to be held in late January in Tampa, FL.  Participants will spend their first day meeting with vendors, learning about new products and special RNR vendor packages, etc.  The second day will be spent in an open forum to allow franchisors and operators to discuss the upcoming January meeting, and/or pertinent concerns in the meantime.

The Mid-Year Conference is smaller than January’s Annual Meeting.  The Annual Conference tends to attract not only franchisees and operators, but managers, staff and even spouses.  Even so, at this year’s Mid-Year Conference, RNR is expecting to see at least one representative of almost every franchise, and they’re very excited about the turnout.  Vice President of Operations, Vince Ficarrotta, had this to say: “The Mid-Year Conference is important in our planning process.  It’s a great place to gather ideas for our Annual Conference in January, and it’s vital to planning our promotions for the first quarter of next year.  It really gives us a chance to hear from our franchisees about what’s working and give us their input as we move forward.”


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