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July 23, 2021

Two RNR Tire Express Franchisee Sisters Skyrocket In Sales

How do you take an unprofitable store and make it a revenue-generating machine?

In this episode of What’s Treading with Tire Review, we speak with a tire dealer duo who’s done just that: Cassandra White and Courtney Condor, owners of an RNR Tire Express store in Puyallup, Washington.

Just under 10 years ago, these sisters took over their parent’s store and made some major changes to yield positive – and profitable results. Casee and Courteny delve into:

– How the two started in the tire industry, took over the store and the experience they brought to the business

– Getting outside help to evaluate the business and areas they sought to improve

– Identifying the new customer base that they wanted to attract and how they were able to bring new customers into the business

– Changes to the shop’s look the sisters made and how they tweaked their customer experience

– How they fixed the way they were pricing their services and keeping track of and ordering inventory

– How they calculate car count and more than doubling their car count from eight years ago

– The importance of consistency and how Casee and Courtney believe word of mouth advertising will lead to their business’ longevity

– Advice Casee and Courtney have for other tire dealers on working on the business and how dealers should “bring it back to the simple stuff”

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