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March 13, 2014

Spring Fever: Out of the House and Off-Road with RNR

Wherever you are, you’re probably anxiously waiting for Spring to spring already!  It’s been a long, cold winter all over the country and we know you’re ready to get outside again and have some fun.  For some of you, that fun isn’t just about getting outside; it’s about getting off-road, too.  If winter has left you with the need to get as far into the great outdoors as possible and push your limits a bit with some off-road action, you’ll need to be ready.  The biggest part of going off-road safely is your tires.  Do you have what you need?  Here’s a primer:

All-Season Tires:  These may be the tires you’re suited up with right now, especially if you’re new to the sport, but they won’t be enough to get you where you want to go once you leave the highway.  All-season tires offer you staying power and lots of miles in wet and dry conditions on the highway, but the rocky/sandy/muddy by-ways you create off-road are no good for them.  Their composition and tread designs simply aren’t made for the harsh conditions off pavement.  Do yourself a favor and let your all-seasons have the open road, not the road less traveled.

All-Terrain Truck Tires:  Ever heard the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none”?  Get familiar with it because that’s where all-terrain truck tires live.  If you’re not extreme off-roading, these may be the tires for you, but know where you’re going.  All-terrain tires are versatile and there’s a broad range of them available.  These tires are built with off-road standards in mind, but they’ve been tweaked a bit for better street performance.  See what we mean by “Jack of all trades”?  They have a nice, long life and they’re durable on the highway, and you can take them off the highway in light to moderate off-road conditions and they perform well, but if you’re looking to go where no man has gone before, so to speak, then you need to step up your tire game.

Extreme Truck Tires (Rock Crawling/Mud/Snow/Sand):  Now, here’s where it gets interesting!  You’re heading into the unknown, pushing your limits—and your tires’ limits.  You need to have the right tires to help you get there!  These tires are designed for off-road and nothing else.  Their tread designs are super deep and extend onto the side walls (with reinforced sidewall construction) and they have lugs with deep voids.  They’re also made of cut and puncture resistant compounds that are very durable.  Extreme truck tires come in either radial or bias ply, but most people agree that they perform best in low-pressure bias ply (so the tread can conform to surfaces and really gain traction). They’ll get you just about anywhere you want to go, but be aware that their highway travel is loud and bumpy.

Whatever kind of trip you have in mind—taking the fam to the beach for a leisurely day or scaling some massive dunes—RNR has you covered.  We’ve got a wide variety of tires in-store and loads more we can order for you.  Come in and talk to us about your off-roading needs.  We can tell you what kind of tires will be best for you and what (if any) modifications to your truck might need to be made to accommodate your new tires. Spring is coming, and we know you’re anxious to get out there, so make sure your tires will get you where you want to go safely!



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