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December 5, 2013

Wheels and Tires for Christmas? RNR Weighs In

Dear Bree,

I know you write this blog primarily for women, but please don’t boycott my letter because I’m a guy!  I need some help.  I have some special women in my life that I’m shopping for, and I’m a little lost.  In years past, my wife has done all of the shopping, but now it’s just me, and I want to show the women I love most—my mom and my sister—that I have given some thought to my gift-giving.  I could just get them a Visa gift card but where’s the fun in that?!  My problem is that I don’t know anything about girly stuff, and I wouldn’t know where to start.  I do know some things about wheels and tires and making my vehicles look pretty cool, so I thought that maybe I should think about an RNR Christmas for my favorite girls.  What do you think, Bree?  I don’t want to blow this.

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Dear Needy,

I bet you’re not the only guy out there who’s feeling the pressure right now, so I’ll do what I can to help.   Sure, you could get them some new wheels and/or tires and fix their cars up.  Okay!  Maybe.  But maybe not.  Wheels and tires are great for Christmas gift giving—but tread carefully and consider the recipient.  If the woman in question couldn’t give two licks about what kind of wheels are on her car, you’re less likely to make her smile.  I’ll never forget the look on my mother’s face when she opened a doughnut maker from my father one Christmas morning.  You see, he loves doughnuts, so he thought this was the greatest gift ever.  My mom saw it as yet another thing she could cook for him.  That doughnut maker never came out of the box.  It moved from a kitchen cabinet to the attic to a garage sale.  She never forgot that doughnut maker, and she looked wary every time she opened a gift from him after that.  The lesson here is this: Know thy recipient.

But don’t be downcast, Needy!  More and more people these days, women included, are looking at wheels as a creative way to make their rides unique, to put their personal stamp on something that is a huge part of their lives every day—their car or truck.  So, ask yourself this, “Would my mom or sister be interested in personalizing (or as I like to sometimes call it, decorating) their car?”  If the answer is yes, then go for it!  You can print up your own little card or certificate to wrap in a box that lets them pick out a new set of wheels after the holidays (feel free to set a monetary limit, as well).  Tell them you’ll go with them to help them learn about options and pick out something they’ll like (and to pick up the bill).  This gift is a kind of two-for, right?  They get great new wheels and the two of you get to spend some time together doing something (hopefully) you’ll both enjoy.

Now, if you ask yourself the wheel question, and the answer that comes is “no,” all is not lost.  You can still consider tires.  Tires are something that just about everybody needs, but they’re not something everyone can afford at the drop of a hat.  Most people have to do some planning.  If the financial obligation of a new set of tires is something that would be hard for either your sister or your mom, but they still really need a new set, I bet they’d be thrilled to get a set for Christmas (or anytime).  Taking a look at what someone needs and giving it to them shows thought, consideration and love.  Who wouldn’t want to open some of that on Christmas morning?

This girl is thinking that your mom and sister are pretty lucky to have someone like you taking the time to really consider your gift to them.  That old adage about the thought being what counts is true, and I’m pretty sure that your thought will be as clear and bright as a new set of wheels on Christmas.  Either of the options you’ve mentioned (wheels or tires) are a commitment financially, and we’re pretty sure we can find a plan that will help you out, if you’d like it.  If this is the route you decide to go, come see us—we’ll help you find exactly the wheels and/or tires you want and the plan you need to get you rolling.  Merry Christmas!


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