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August 30, 2013

Why Rent When You Can Buy? Bree Knows

A few months ago, NPR did a great piece about renting tires; and since we’re the largest rent-to-own tire and wheel company in the country, it’s only logical that they came to the experts for their info. The people at NPR were wondering why people would want to rent their tires when, in the end, they’d be paying rental fees.  Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to buy your tires outright?  The answer might be yes, but what you have to consider is this: Many people can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars all at once on a new set of tires, but they have to have tires for their vehicles.  So, what can they do when their livelihoods depend on their ability to get around?  Rent their tires, that’s what!

RNR provides a service to their customers: We allow them to get the tires (and wheels!) they need when they need them in a way that fits their budgets.  Listen to the NPR piece and you’ll hear actual customers talk about why they decided to rent their tires.  “Oh, I checked every place in town, and they were outrageous!  It would be anywhere from $4[00] to $500 and I just don’t have that right now,” says Shannon Kelly, a customer at an RNR store in Ocala, FL.  Says Lynn Warren, a McDonald’s manager and RNR customer, “I understand that I’ll probably end up paying a lot, but right now, I need the tires.”  In this economy, more and more people are finding this to be true.

What factors play into the pricing of tires?  Lots of things.  Tires prices have risen in the past few years because of higher rubber prices and a US-imposed tariff on Chinese tires.

In 2009, US tire companies complained that Chinese tire companies were being unfairly subsidized by the Chinese government and said that they couldn’t compete with the prices of Chinese-made tires. The US government agreed and put a 35% tax on Chinese, imported, passenger tires.  Ouch. Check out this blog for more info on tire pricing.

One thing led to another and suddenly the prices on all tires were being pushed up.  The price of imported passenger tires jumped about 40%!  That’s a pretty painful price jump when you’re looking to buy a new set of tires.  So, how are people in an economy with tighter credit, wages that aren’t growing, and a high unemployment rate supposed to keep up with that kind of increase and stay safely on the road?  They come to RNR Custom Wheels and Tires where they can rent their wheels and tires and make weekly or bi-weekly payments until they’re paid off.  Lots of people pay their tires and wheels off before their contract is up; others need that full, contract period.  Either way, our customers get back on the road fast with safe, quality tires and a payment plan that fits their lives.

At RNR, we get you back on the road fast, and our knowledge and service always mean that you get the perfect set of wheels and tires for you.  We even have a roadside assistance plan, if you need help!  Take a listen to the NPR piece about RNR and the rent-to-own tire industry and let us know what you think!


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