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January 19, 2022

Why RNR Tire Express is a Smart Investment for the Absentee Owner

Absentee or semi-absentee investors want to own businesses, but don’t necessarily want to manage businesses. The search for business that scale rapidly, cash flow quickly, and have strong enough margins to grow and infrastructure while providing shareholders a strong return on capital.  RNR Tire Express checks most of the boxes absentee and semi-absentee investors look for.

  • Proof of concept: There is no need to wonder whether RNR Tire Express is a viable business. This business presently has a 20-year track record and over 150 stores operating in the United States.
  • Highly scalable: RNR Tire Express franchisees have opened more than 50 stores in the last several years. Additionally, over 80% of franchisees more than one retail operation.
  • Trusted brand: Entrepreneur Magazine lists RNR Tire Express as the #1 Tire franchise in the January Franchise 500 issue.
  • No experience necessary: RNR Tire Express has best-in-class training and support.  Our largest and most profitable franchisees did not come with an automotive industry background.
  • Unique and defensible: Moreover, RNR Tire Express’ lease-purchase financing plan is unique to the automotive industry. This has led to and more than 80% of customers choosing the financing option. This is one of the top tires franchises to invest in if you are searching for retail franchises with a high level of profitability.
  • Multiple revenue streams: Another reason RNR is a great investment is that it offers multiple revenue streams such as retail tires, auto services, sales of wheels, and lease payments on merchandise.
  • High competitive barriers to entry: Although some investors are leery of investing in retail companies due to the high level of competition from major retail conglomerates such as Amazon, Walmart, and others, RNR has high competitive barriers to entry. This is because customers need services such as spin-balancing, front-end alignments, tire disposal, and other services that  Amazon cannot provide.

Overall, if you are an investor searching for absentee or semi-absentee franchise opportunities, RNR Tire Express is a very smart option. Ready to get involved? Visit RNRFranchise.com for more information. 

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