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Keeping it Real with RNR

We have some goals at RNR: 1.  To offer quality products at a fair price. 2.  To help people get…


Research and Empower with RNR (or How to get Your New Tires All By Yourself)

Dear Bree, My husband is cheap; let's just start there.  I need new tires--3 for sure, but let's round it…


RNR Recognizes Its Store of the Month

RNR challenges its stores to outperform each other every month and they deliver!  RNR Custom Wheels and Tire Express recently…


This Summer is Blowing Up (Don’t Let Your Tires Do the Same!)

Summer is the season of the blow-out.  Temperatures rise, pavement heats up and tire pressure builds.  Add to that highway…


Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Mud (and Snow and Sand and Rocks): RNR Talks Off-Road Tires

Last week, Ready for Anything asked about the differences between all-terrain and off-road (or mud-terrain tires).  All-terrains, as I explained,…


The Road Less Traveled: RNR Talks All-Terrain Tires

Dear Bree, I'm thinking I'd like to get off the beaten path this summer and find out what all the…


Cruel Summer: RNR Helps You Get Ready to Meet the Heat!

It's really heating up out there, folks, and we know some of you are thinking of hitting the road for…


Can You Feel It? RNR Celebrates National Tire Safety Week!

You can feel the excitement in the air, can't you?  It's National Tire Safety Week, people!  Grab some balloons, pop…


Boys of Summer: RNR Talks Summer Spruce Ups

Dear Bree, It's summer and I want to spruce up my ride.  I plan on getting out, cruising around, and…


Rusty Wheel DIY from RNR

Dear Bree, I have some great chrome wheels on my car, but unfortunately, I haven't had the time to really…

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