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RNR Included in Entrepreneur’s List of Top Franchises for 2014

RNR Custom Wheels and Tire Express is very excited to be included in Entrepreneur’s 2014 Franchise 500®, an annual ranking of…


The Future of Used Tires: RNR Wants to Make What’s Old New Again

There’s no heaven for used to tires.  When your tires have seen their best days and you go in for…


Keep ‘Er in the Road! RNR Words of Winter Wisdom

Dear Bree, As a new transplant from the cozy South to the frozen North, winter is hitting me kind of…


Gift Intervention—RNR to the Rescue!

I was reading the letter from Needy in last week’s blog, and I was totally inspired!  What a great idea! …


Wheels and Tires for Christmas? RNR Weighs In

Dear Bree, I know you write this blog primarily for women, but please don’t boycott my letter because I’m a…


No Holiday Hassles—RNR Road-Trip Checklist, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I started giving you guys some tips on holiday travel by car.  My friend, Cindy,…


RNR Celebrates Five and Ten Years of Valued Employees

Larry Sutton, Founder and President of RNR Custom Wheels and Tire Express, has been in business for a long time. …


No Holiday Hassles: RNR Road Trip Checklist

Dear Bree, We’re taking a trip to Florida over the Christmas holiday, and it’s going to be one heck of…


Shock Me: Shocks, Struts and Tires

  Dear Bree, I am seeing some funky wear on my tires, and I need some help figuring out what…


To Winterize or Not to Winterize: RNR Answers the Question

Winter is coming, as they say on Game of Thrones, but luckily for us, it only lasts a few months. …

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