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The Snow Queen: RNR Talks Best Tires for Winter

In my last blog, we talked about “summer” or high-performance tires versus all-season tires—the differences and the pros and cons. …


Summer Tires and a Winter Package: RNR Breaks it Down

Dear Bree, I’m shopping for a new car and I ran into a snag.  I was with the dealer and…


How to Be a Road Warrior (Without Looking Like Mad Max)

In my last blog, I told you all about how to change a tire because everyone should have the know-how…


The Tire Fairy Won’t Save You–Change It Yourself

Last week, I told you all about how to know if you need new tires.  Coupled with your new-found knowledge…


Wearing Thin: How Abe Lincoln Can Save Your Life

My last two blogs have been all about tire pressure: how to check it  and why.  So, what’s next?  You…


Tire Pressure: When Too Much Is Not Enough and Too Little is Too Much

Last week, Lost in the Tire Department asked me to give her the short and dirty list of things every…


The Top Five Things Every Girl Should Know to Save Her Own Butt (Tire Version)

Dear Bree, I’m about to send my daughter off to college out of state, and I’m making a list of…


Marion, IL Store Opening

RNR is excited to announce the opening of a new franchise location in Marion, IL. This new RNR store is…


Not Just a Man’s World Anymore–Spotlight on New RNR Franchise in Marion, IL

Breanne Bergman, store manager of the new RNR franchise location in Marion, IL, is one of very few female store…


Not Just a Man’s World Anymore

Spotlight on New RNR Franchise in Marion, IL RNR Custom Wheels and Tires has opened a new franchise in Marion,…

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