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RNR Opens New Corporate Store in Orlando, FL

RNR Custom Wheel and Tire Express opened their 10th corporate location on May 5th, 2013.  The new store is located…


Clean Freak or Just a Freak: Why Is My Husband Always Cleaning His Wheels?

Dear Bree, My husband is a clean freak (I’ll just put that out there first), but I think he’s taking…


Roll-N On: Franchising with RNR Custom Wheels and Tire Express

We’ve been in the wheel and tire business for a while now and we’ve risen right to the top.  Want…


RNR Wheels and Tire Express Daytona Employee is New Local Hero

The new RNR Wheels and Tire Express store in Daytona has seen a lot of excitement since opening in March…


RNR Custom Wheel and Tire Express Opens in Ocala, FL

RNR Custom Wheel and Tire Express franchise owner, Steve Sutton, is very excited for the opening of his new store…


RNR Custom Wheels and Tire Express Opens New Location in Daytona, FL

RNR Custom Wheels and Tire Express has opened its 9th corporate location in Daytona, FL, at 955 West International Speedway…


Fix-A-Flat and Replace Your Tire (and Wheel)?

Dear Bree, I got a flat tire last week and I used some stuff that my boyfriend put in my…


I’m a Safety Girl: Plug or Patch?

Dear Bree, I’m having an argument with my husband about plugging vs. patching when there’s a hole in a tire. …


The Snow Queen: RNR Talks Best Tires for Winter

In my last blog, we talked about “summer” or high-performance tires versus all-season tires—the differences and the pros and cons. …


Summer Tires and a Winter Package: RNR Breaks it Down

Dear Bree, I’m shopping for a new car and I ran into a snag.  I was with the dealer and…

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